Uses and Applications for our Custom Rub-on Dry Transfers

Custom Packaging Prototypes Shipped within 24hrs

A three panel front view of the product prototype with rub off transfer decals affixed to the surface of the product.

Custom Dry Transfers for Product Prototypes At Image Transfers, we know all about the importance of having your products ready for their photo shoot. That’s why we offer quick turnaround and last minute shipping that can get your custom rub

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Custom Dry Transfer Decals for Furniture

A closeup photo of a rocking chair with a custom dry transfer slogan on the armrest.

Most of our clients are Industrial Designers since our transfers are ideal for creating realistic looking prototypes and mock-ups. But recently several customers have been ordering rubdown transfers for their custom furniture design projects and photo shoots. Dry transfers on

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Image Transfers Would Like to Thank-you

Image Transfers makes custom rub down dry transfers for model makers and product development professionals.

Thank you for trusting us to supply custom dry transfers for your projects during this past year. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. —————————— Quotes for the Season ————————– “May your walls know joy, may every

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Transfers For Glass Display Cases in Prada Soho

Look What’s Happening at Prada in Soho  Elegant Glass Display Cases for Prada’s New Perfume Line We were fortunate to work with Gala Delmonte-Benatar of 2 x 4 in NYC to create white dry transfers on glass display cases in

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Custom Dry Transfers or Vinyl Lettering?
Which is Better?

Custom decals for glass. The image transfers logo applied as a custom dry transfer to a interior glass door. Rub-on transfers can be used for corporate branding on glass.

Custom Dry Transfers vs. Vinyl Lettering? Find The Right Solution For Your Project Sometimes clients don’t know if they should use dry transfer graphics or vinyl graphics for their projects. It often depends on the application needed. Here’s our expert

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Custom Transfers for Personalizing Your Guitar

A closeup videocap of a metallic transfer foil applied on a custom guitar in a video from Stewart-MacDonald guitars and string instruments

Custom Foil Transfers for Guitars Recently a number of people who build custom guitars have been calling and ordering dry transfers from us. This is, in part, because Stewart-MacDonald has given Image Transfers a great endorsement by featuring dry transfers

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We Make Dry Transfers for Milwaukee Tool

Photographers for Milwaukee Tools took this photo of our dry transfers being used for their product prototype photoshoot. This image shows different tools with the Milwaukee Tool logo applied on the surface of the prototype product

Get your prototype to the photographer ahead of time. In the fast paced world of marketing, timing is everything. When a new product isn’t due to be manufactured for months, industrial designers come to us to make dry transfers to

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Why Our Transfers are Better than Our Competition

A comparison closeup photo of our dry transfers on the left and our competitor's product on right - you can see the difference

We Specialize in Residue-Free Dry Rubdown Transfers We hope to be the first company you think of when ordering custom dry transfers. Let us give you a few reasons why we are your best choice: At Image Transfers, we offer

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Take Advantage of our “Size Area” by Ganging your Artwork

An example of how to gang up your vector artwork for when we make custom dry transfers. This image is for Express Clothing

When uploading your artwork to us, the best file format is Adobe Illustrator CS6 native .ai or .eps file. We prefer that you keep your artwork black because we run a film negative. Just specify the Pantone color you want.

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Custom Dry Transfers for Wood – As Permanent Rubdown Transfers

Lawton Audio are makers of the worlds best headphones. Image Transfers printed their logo as a custom dry transfer, arranged on sheets of rubdowns.

Image Transfers has been working with Mark Lawton of Lawton Audio. Mark did not have their logo as vector artwork so we re-created it by researching the font and matching the kerning. We made custom dry transfers for their custom

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