Uses and Applications for our Custom Rub-on Dry Transfers

How Custom Dry Transfers Are Made

How dry transfers are made using a process similar to Letraset.

See Them In Use for The Farnesina Collection At Image Transfers, many of our clients have worked with us for years, and we know them well. But we also meet new people who are curious about our process and what

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The Best Art Exhibit Labels

Artwork labels used in a gallery in Washington DC

Wall Art Transfers Make Perfect Captions Museum professionals and gallerists understandably want the best art exhibit labels for their exhibitions and shows. Clear, attractive, easily readable captions and wall text are crucial to connecting visitors with the art. As a

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How to Make Your Museum Exhibit Stand Out with Dry Transfers

Custom museum object exhibit placard made with custom transfers. Vintage trunks with custom white decals for exhibit labels and artwork description.

If you’ve ever visited a museum exhibit and wondered how they create those crisp and elegant wall labels for each artwork, you might be surprised to learn that they use a simple but effective technique: dry transfers. Dry transfers are

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Custom Dry Transfers for Props in Apple TV+’s Hit  ‘Severance’

This custom rub-on transfer was used on a prop in the Apple TV+ hit "Severence".

 Custom Dry Transfers for Props in Apple TV+ Hit Show ‘Severance’ Our custom dry transfers are again gracing the props in a cutting-edge drama, and this time, it’s for the Apple TV+ sci-fi sensation ‘Severance.’ The hit show’s prop stylists

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Order Custom Dry Transfers from Us and Enjoy 5 Perks

Dry transfer decal being place on a clean surface. Custom dry transfers are applied to surfaces with a transfer burnisher.

At Image Transfers, we take excellent care of our customers and include many perks with every order. If you’ve purchased custom dry transfer decals before but not from our company, you may have missed the five bonuses we offer, and

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Get a Free Burnisher with Every Custom Dry Transfer Order

A free burnisher tool is included with every custom dry transfer order from Image Transfers

When you order a custom dry transfer decal from us at Image Transfers, you get a free burnishing tool included with every order. It’s a complimentary service to our valued customers and an extra convenience to make rub-on decal application

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Restoring the Control Panel on an Aston Martin

A recently restored Aston Martin using custom dry transfer decals.

Custom Dry Transfers Restore Auto Control Panel Auto climate and audio control panels are some of the newer and more interesting uses for custom rub-on transfers. If you’re restoring a classic or high-value automobile, check out how Steven Wong used

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How to Apply Dry Transfer-Decals

A dry transfer wall label in a museum. Learn how to apply dry transfer decals.

Surface preparation Try to make sure your wall surface is clean and free of dust for fingerprints. You might want to cut off the tagline (at the bottom of the transfer) and try that as a test. If the tagline

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Custom Dry Transfers Used in Classic Car Restoration

A vintage automobile dashboard with a dry transfer decal used to restore the speedometer and fuel gauge on a classic car. Classic car restoration decals.

Decals for Auto Restoration Using Custom Dry Transfers. Do you need replacement decals for airplane or car restoration? If yes, custom dry transfers are the ideal solution. Examples of their uses include decals for speedometers, gauges, controls, switches, faceplates, VIN

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Custom Guitar Decals for Madtown Guitars

A custom guitar decal especially made for Madtown guitars by Image Transfers. Dry transfer decals for guitars.

Custom guitar decals that are made to last… High-quality dry transfers are ideal as custom guitar decals for logos and other visual elements. Their appearance on fine musical instruments is impressive – and they bring significant advantages over methods like

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