We make custom dry transfers in as little as 24 hours

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Custom dry transfer rub-on lettering

Who we are

Our company caters to the easy ordering of custom dry transfers (or rub-downs). Image Transfers is the largest custom dry transfer printing service online. We keep things simple, so we print just dry transfers. We are based in New York and have a dedicated team to provide the best service. There's no hassle—no stress. You send the file, we produce the transfer. We love what we do, and we think it shows.

What are Dry Transfers?

A custom dry transfer/rub-on transfer is a semi-permanent application that can be applied quickly and effortlessly to a number of substrates. It is created by printing a special ink backed with adhesive on a transfer paper that can be rubbed off without the use of water or other solvent. Transferring the image onto any smooth surface, including wood, metal, glass or plastic.

First, select the place for your rubdown transfer on your model or prototype. Rubdown transfers can be applied on wood, glass, plastic or any smooth surface. Use the supplied burnishing tool to rub down the dry transfer, make sure to apply pressure evenly to insure that the image transfers onto the model smoothly. Complete the process by removing the plastic film to reveal your custom rub on dry transfer on your product prototype or model replica boat, train or plane. Cut your custom rub down transfer into the required size. We only make custom transfers with guaranteed color matching in PMS colors and that can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.
Custom dry transfer on a product prototype. Custom decals for models and packaging mockup designs. Custom white decal lettering transfers for electronics.
Black transfer applied to BACtrack Skyn, the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor

Why use dry transfers, you ask?

As many in the graphic design and model-making business know, prototypes and models can be enhanced and better represent the final product with the application of a custom rub-down transfer. These transfers give the product a finished look, making it seem as though it has been professionally manufactured.

Custom Dry Transfers for Industrial Designers

At Image Transfers, we produce custom rub down transfers that are used for product prototypes, packaging design and comps. Custom color transfers can also be used as labels on jars, cans, bottles, tubes, and even to recreate speedometers and gauges for auto and aircraft restoration. Our custom rub downs are preferred by industrial designers because they are easy to apply, are fully customizable and look great, as they appear to be printed directly onto the surface without visible adhesive residue.

Custom Wall Labels for Museums and Galleries

Our rubdown custom lettering looks great as labels on museum walls next to artwork. They don’t distract viewers away from the experience of admiring art and they blend nicely with an artwork’s surroundings. Our custom rubdowns are a good substitute for Letraset lettering and Chartpak rub on letters, providing more detail, colors and font options.

Museum exhibit description custom wall label. Custom wall labels for art galleries and museums. Gallery labels, custom dry transfer lettering for walls, photograph and painting description decals.
Transfer labels for the de Young Museum San Francisco, CA
Custom decals for electronics, circuit boards, microchips and product prototypes. Custom dry transfer decals in white lettering. Logo decals for products and prototypes. Available as color dry transfers or custom transfer foils.
White transfer applied to Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure devices

Dry Transfers for Product Development,
Mockups & Design Presentations

Whether your model is 3D printed or a molded mockup, our custom dry transfer decals will add that finishing touch to your product. Custom rub down transfers are much easier to use than water decals and are detailed enough to be applied as labels on electronic circuit boards, electronic devices and micro-prototypes. When possible, transfers can be ganged-up on a single transfer sheet, making small individual transfers even more affordable.

So, if you are looking for a way to take your designs from concept to reality

At Image Transfers, we understand the importance of successful product presentation. That is why we offer custom dry transfers (rub-downs) that will enhance the overall appearance of your project, giving it a finished, tangible look and feel.

Image Transfers has over 30 years of experience providing color transfers (also known as Letraset and chromatec transfers). Our custom color transfers are of exceptional quality and durability and are incredibly easy to apply. We can create transfers in opaque, transparent, foil, and metallic colors. We can also supply traditional rub-on Letraset-like lettering in a wide range of colors to transfer to the surface of your choice. Click here to learn more about the pricing and ordering of color transfers.