We make custom dry transfers in as little as 24 hours

Custom dry transfer rub-on lettering

Who we are

Image Transfers, Inc. is the largest custom dry transfer printing service online. We are based in New York and have a reputation for providing the highest-quality dry transfer decals. Our rub-on transfers are an ideal solution for many applications. Send us your file, and we will send you back a perfect dry transfer. It's as easy as that. Using our custom dry transfers will allow you to create a high-quality final product.

First, select the place for your rubdown transfer on your model or prototype. Rubdown transfers can be applied on wood, glass, plastic or any smooth surface. Use the supplied burnishing tool to rub down the dry transfer, make sure to apply pressure evenly to insure that the image transfers onto the model smoothly. Complete the process by removing the plastic film to reveal your custom rub on dry transfer on your product prototype or model replica boat, train or plane. Cut your custom rub down transfer into the required size. We only make custom transfers with guaranteed color matching in PMS colors and that can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.
Louis Vuitton - Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibit, New York, NY. Custom dry transfer applied to a medium-brown wooden panel, reading, "LE FIGARO ILLUSTRÉ ADVERTISEMENT LA MALLE VUITTON DESCEND DANS LES MEILLEURS HÔTELS (Vuitton Trunk Stays in the Best Hotels) - May 1935 Printed ink on paper - Louis Vuitton Archives". The second one reads, "HOTEL LABELS FROM GASTON-LOUIS VUITTON'S PRIVATE COLLECTION - 20th century Printing on gummed paper - Louis Vuitton Archives".
Louis Vuitton Exhibit - Custom dry transfers on wood

What are dry transfers?

A custom dry transfer/rub-on transfer is a semi-permanent application that can be applied quickly and effortlessly to a number of substrates. It is created by printing a special ink—backed with adhesive on a transfer paper that can be rubbed off without the use of water or other solvents. The image can be transferred onto any smooth surface, including wood, metal, glass or plastic.

Corporate clients use our dry transfers for product prototypes and visual art installations calling for logos, text or precise visual details. For the art world, transfers can be used for museum wall labels and are fast and easy to apply. They produce letter-perfect results. Similar wall decals are ideal for art galleries, efficiently producing a much cleaner appearance compared to paper labels. Luxury retailers often use custom dry transfers for glass display case product information and window installations. We have even been a source for brides and grooms to personalize items like their Wedding Day Guest Books.

Transfer Decals Make Ideal Wall Labels for Museums and Art Galleries

Rubdown custom lettering looks perfect on museum walls next to the artwork. They are superior to other methods both in terms of appearance and ease of application. For all situations where visual standards are exacting and subject to scrutiny, the peace of mind knowing that you're controlling content and appearance by creating the artwork is one of the significant advantages of custom dry transfers. It explains why museum and art gallery labels are among the fastest-growing uses for this technology — and why reactions and reviews have been so favorable for those projects already completed. The white-cube environment of galleries and many museum spaces place every detail in the spotlight, and it requires media that works perfectly every time and has a durable, precise look. Ordering is as easy as drag and drop art, choose the color, choose the shipping and get an instant receipt. The final product is usually shipped within 24 to 48 hours—with you receiving your artwork in the color you chose—ready to apply. Application is easy—just position and rub down transfer with a supplied burnisher.

How to apply dry transfers
A closeup photo of the museum caption rubbed on the wall. The detail shows the quality of our custom wall transfers.
Museum Labels from the de Young Museum San Francisco, CA
Gold and red foil transfers applied on the wine label
Dry foil transfer on wine bottle labels for Francis Ford Coppola winery

Why use transfers, you ask?

As many in the graphic design and model-making business know, prototypes and models can be enhanced and better represent the final product with the application of the custom rub-down transfer. Industrial designers, creative directors, artists, graphic designers and model makers count on custom dry transfers for their affordability and flexibility. The final project looks professional and has an appearance on par with final manufactured products.

When you're working on a deadline, the turnaround can be in as little as 24 hours. Pricing is affordable enough that many of our clients order alternate versions to explore a range of options for their final prototype. Multi-color transfers can be ordered. So, if you are looking for a way to take your designs from concept to reality, we at Image Transfers are devoted to the highest quality in all of our processes and make your complete satisfaction our number one goal. We guarantee our work and adhere to the highest standards. All Pantone colors are available as well as foil and metallic finishes. Rub-downs can enhance any object, and every transfer is custom since they are created from the files you submit to us.

Industrial Design Applications are Ideal for Custom Dry Transfer Lettering Decals

Custom rub down transfers are the gold standard for adding lettering, logos and any other graphic element to product prototypes, package design, and comps. They work equally well on items that are 3D printed or molded and are perfect for use as labels on jars, cans, bottles, and tubes. Recent clients also have included vintners who need elegant lettering and visual elements to customize their sample wine bottles. Even in the automotive and aircraft industries, dry transfer decals can be used to sample up a wide range of objects such as the faces of analog gauges and speedometers. Guitar makers add dry transfers to customize their instruments and give them a professional look. Dry transfer technology means the decal is fully customizable and will appear as if it was printed directly on nearly any plastic, glass, wood or metal object. Since the adhesive is only on the image area, after application, it will look like your artwork is printed right on the substrate you apply it to with no adhesive residue. The process is simple and straightforward to complete. You can count on an easy-to-apply decal with a finished result that looks outstanding.

Order Your Dry Transfer Decals Today from Our Experienced Team

At Image Transfers, we understand the importance of successful product presentation. That is why we offer custom dry transfers (rub-downs) that will enhance the overall appearance of your project, giving it a finished, tangible look and feel. The team at Image Transfers has more than 30 years of experience, and we are focused on making it easy to order dry transfer lettering and decals online. Our product is an excellent replacement for Letraset lettering and Chartpak rub-on letters and also for Chromatech. When expectations are high, we will help you add the perfect finishing touch to your product, prototype or project. Because you submit the file and we produce the custom dry transfer from it, our staff will work with you closely to ensure that the final result gives your product or project a finished, tangible appearance and feel.

Our custom color transfers are of exceptional quality and durability and are incredibly easy to apply. We can create transfers in opaque, transparent, foil, and metallic colors. Smaller elements can be produced cost-effectively by ganging up multiple elements on each sheet. We can also supply traditional rub-on lettering in a wide range of colors to transfer to the surface of your choice. Click here to learn more about the pricing and ordering of color rub-on transfers.