Order Custom Dry Transfers from Us and Enjoy 5 Perks

Custom dry transfer backing being peeled away during the process of applying a dry transfer decal.At Image Transfers, we take excellent care of our customers and include many perks with every order. If you’ve purchased custom dry transfer decals before but not from our company, you may have missed the five bonuses we offer, and each one is of value to you.

Quality is in the details of all products, especially those created for visual purposes, and we take them seriously. While some of our competitors may try to cut corners and provide less support to their clients, we take a personal interest. It’s one of the reasons why we help customers find new ways to use transfer decals each year. If you scroll through our blog, you can read more about them. In the meantime, these are some of the many benefits of working with us.


As an Image Transfers Client, You’ll Receive These 5 Perks

  1. Work only with production artists. We are creative professionals with unique abilities beyond an ordinary production staff. We take pride in our work and have specialized knowledge of custom dry rub-on transfers we create a finished piece of art with every decal we produce.
  2. Enjoy a 24 to 48-hour order turnaround. When you need custom decals of the highest quality fast, we’re ready to help. You will pay regular prices for fast service, unlike our competitors who often tack on extra charges. We work quickly and consider it normal.
  3. Benefit from exact color matching. Our base price includes matching colors from the Pantone Graphic Palette. In other words, we don’t have default blue, standard red, or routine green. Each dry transfer matches the Pantone color our client specifies. We even back our colors with white, so they stay true if the decal is rubbed down on a surface color other than white.
  4. Have the advantage of fast shipping. All orders go express shipping, and you can choose next morning delivery by 10:30 a.m. We understand deadlines and work hard to meet them while ensuring your custom dry transfer lettering and decals arrive quickly and in perfect condition.
  5. Receive a free burnisher for flawless transfer application. We supply a complimentary burnisher with each order, which is one of our premium perks. It helps assure your custom decal application is quick and appears flawlessly. Our burnishing tools are plastic, curved to make rubbing down a transfer easier they’ll release from the slick perfectly.

You Won’t Find Better Quality for the Price

applying a dry transfer with a burnisher. Custom dry transfer decal application.In nearly every application, customers select our products because of their high-quality appearance, ease of application, and flexibility in design. They are an excellent solution for any need or project requiring a custom painted-on look. Among the most popular uses are small-batch premium products, precise electronic and technology applications, collector’s items, musical instruments, product prototypes, museum displays, and interior signage. But there are many other possibilities, and all it takes is an email or call to us to find out more.

When you become an Image Transfers customer, you’ll enjoy the five perks above and work with a talented and dedicated group of creative professionals. We answer our phones and return emails promptly, and custom dry transfer decals are our only business. Try working with us and see for yourself the difference we can make!

Image Transfers are custom dry rub-on transfer specialists. We make only one thing: custom rub down transfers for graphic designers, artists, and model-makers. A dry transfer (or rubdown) is an image printed on a translucent sheet. The image has a coating of adhesive on its back. The image is transferred from the translucent sheet onto another surface by applying light pressure in a rubbing motion. The dry transfer can be applied to any surface that is free of dust, grease or oil. Dry transfers are referred to as DRY because they are applied dry, without the use of water or solvents. A dry transfer is not a slip-off label or a water decal, instead, the transferred image appears as if it was printed directly onto the item. Our dry transfers are opaque because we back the colors with white, so our rubdowns can be applied to a surface of any color without changing the color of the rub-on transfer. We consider dry transfers a semi-permanent application. A top coat of clear lacquer can make them more permanent. Our production artists can match all Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors including Metallic. Standard transfers are semi-gloss but we also offer matte and uncoated finishes. We deliver within as little as 24 hours. -- Specialties: Custom Rub Down Dry Transfers, Art Gallery Signage & Museum Labels, Custom Transfers for Product Prototypes, Comps & Mock-ups, Dry Transfers for Scale Models. Decals for Glass and reversed transfer decals for inside glass cases.

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