Custom Dry Transfers Used in Classic Car Restoration

A vintage automobile dashboard with a dry transfer decal used to restore the speedometer and fuel gauge on a classic car. Classic car restoration decals.

Decals for Auto Restoration Using Custom Dry Transfers.

instrument palel closup of custom numbers and letter transfersDo you need replacement decals for airplane or car restoration? If yes, custom dry transfers are the ideal solution. Examples of their uses include decals for speedometers, gauges, controls, switches, faceplates, VIN tags, oil filter text, and for any other interior or under-the-hood part. Transfer decals go on in a single step, and the quality is excellent. No other method will get you as close to an OEM look as our custom dry transfers for auto restoration. If your company restores complete vehicles or you concentrate specifically on speedometers, gauges, controls, or other dashboard parts, we’re ready to be a helpful, professional resource.

We’ve seen custom dry transfers work perfectly for interior applications in numerous classic car restorations. We make them directly from digital layouts using lacquer ink with lacquer adhesive. You can spec out white, black, any Pantone color, or choose foil or metallic for a different effect. The appearance will be superior to other methods because the adhesive is only on the image area. It means there is no carrier media to blur the edges. Once the decals are rubbed on, the graphics will look as though they are printed directly on the surface. You can apply dry transfers to plastic, metal, glass, and wood. They go on quickly and look professional.

Custom Auto Restoration Decals are a Focus at Image Transfers.

A serial number manufacturing plate with dry transfer decals for car restoration.We gravitate toward high-end decals for auto restoration because we’re perfectionists too. Our people understand that instrument panel dry transfer decals need to be crisp and precise – because they are highly visible and crucial to a fully accurate restoration. When your client sits behind the wheel of a car you’ve restored, he’ll first notice what’s directly in front of him. Therefore, the speedometer and gauge restoration work needs to be impressive. We realize it’s a significant undertaking to restore dashboard parts and we go out of our way to help.

A vector graphic of a tachometer from a classic car. We restored this odometer with dry transfer decals.Our custom dry transfers for speedometers and gauges are created with adhesive-backed lacquer ink. It means no additional adhesive, water, or solvents are involved in the application process. Also, the absence of carrier media found in other methods provides crisp-looking edges that are sharp and neat. The dry transfers are applied with a burnisher that we include with each order, and It’s as easy as rubbing them down. People who have tried other types of decals are surprised by the quick one-step application the first time they try it. Having fewer steps saves you valuable time if you’re turning around a car restoration on a tight deadline.

Ordering Decals for Classic Car Restoration Online is Quick and Easy

Custom decal labels for an airplane instument dashboard. Dry transfers for instument panels.You can submit vector artwork online, or if you need assistance, our team of production artists is ready to help. They are experts at creating custom artwork or matching OEM looks for speedometers, gauges, controls, and any other dashboard or under-the-hood part. Also, for high-end projects not under deadline pressure, you can send us the part. We’ll handle it with care and create precisely the look you need. Having the part in person lets our artists make scans and electronically create an OEM look or custom design in both scale and accuracy.

Once we have a design, we’ll create a .pdf file for review and approval. You’ll have as many opportunities to make revisions as you need, and only when you’re fully satisfied will we make the transfer decal. Unlike some competitors, we provide you with a final electronic file of your artwork. It’s yours to keep for future use – an added value at no extra charge. We understand the passion people have for classic car restoration and everything that goes into it, including instrument panel decals. Our people feel the same way about custom transfers. We are passionate about providing the best dry decals for auto restorers who expect nothing less.

Custom dry transfers decals for instument panels on kitplanes and custom aircraft.Read more about custom decals for instrument panels here.

Image Transfers are custom dry rub-on transfer specialists. We make only one thing: custom rub down transfers for graphic designers, artists, and model-makers. A dry transfer (or rubdown) is an image printed on a translucent sheet. The image has a coating of adhesive on its back. The image is transferred from the translucent sheet onto another surface by applying light pressure in a rubbing motion. The dry transfer can be applied to any surface that is free of dust, grease or oil. Dry transfers are referred to as DRY because they are applied dry, without the use of water or solvents. A dry transfer is not a slip-off label or a water decal, instead, the transferred image appears as if it was printed directly onto the item. Our dry transfers are opaque because we back the colors with white, so our rubdowns can be applied to a surface of any color without changing the color of the rub-on transfer. We consider dry transfers a semi-permanent application. A top coat of clear lacquer can make them more permanent. Our production artists can match all Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors including Metallic. Standard transfers are semi-gloss but we also offer matte and uncoated finishes. We deliver within as little as 24 hours. -- Specialties: Custom Rub Down Dry Transfers, Art Gallery Signage & Museum Labels, Custom Transfers for Product Prototypes, Comps & Mock-ups, Dry Transfers for Scale Models. Decals for Glass and reversed transfer decals for inside glass cases.

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6 comments on “Custom Dry Transfers Used in Classic Car Restoration
  1. Nick says:

    I am restoring a 1994 chevy blazer , My dashboard switches are badly worn and I cannot get new factory replacements. Is this something you might be able to help me with?I am running out of options. TY

    • Luann says:

      Nick, Thanks for your inquiry. We can certainly help you with this project. If you can provide artwork, great. It needs to be in vector format. Pricing for transfers are published right on our website. You can probably gang-up/repeat all the dashboard switches on one letter size sheet. Artwork can be cut apart before application. If you need us to create artwork/text for you there is an additional charge and we would need more information and guidelines you want to follow to give you a cost. We would send you back a PDF for approval before proceeding with the transfer. Please get in touch via email at or call the studio at (212) 928-7987 if you have further questions. We hope we can work on this project with you. Luann

  2. Warren Seofer says:

    Hello. I need the word “START” in white letters. I have a photo of the letter size and style – Helvetica ? – available to text or email your. Please advise my next step.

    • Luann says:

      Warren, We can certainly create a custom dry transfer of the word START for you. Clients usually set the text, gang it up on one of our artboard size areas and drag & drop at our website for order. Letter is the smallest size we offer. That cost is $175.00 and enough room for you to add additional words or gang up. If you need us to set art/text that would be additional and we can send you a PDF for approval. If you have further questions just call the studio at (212) 928-7987. We hope to work on this project with you. Luann

  3. Chris says:

    66 Pontiac gauge kit,of 4 @.
    4″ round faces.
    Can you rough in a price?
    I can send pictures of uninstalled pieces.

    • Luann says:

      Chris, Photos would help but we would not be able to use photos for our process. We need vector artwork. We can use the photos as templates and one our production artists can redraw those – probably in Adobe Illustrator. That would be a one time cost and we would send you a PDF for approval before creating the transfers for you. Our transfer costs are published on our website and we can gang up your are to fill one of our artboard size areas because that is how the pricing is structured. Send pics to and one of us will get back to you. Thanks for your inquiry. Luann

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