Custom Dry Transfers for Wood – As Permanent Rubdown Transfers

Lawton Audio are makers of the worlds best headphones. Image Transfers printed their logo as a custom dry transfer, arranged on sheets of rubdowns.Image Transfers has been working with Mark Lawton of Lawton Audio. Mark did not have their logo as vector artwork so we re-created it by researching the font and matching the kerning. We made custom dry transfers for their custom wood headphones using their company graphics and artwork, producing for them the custom dry transfers they needed to finish off their awesomely designed headphones.

Custom Transfers for WoodLawton Headphones are hand crafted and custom made to your specifications. Lawton uses our custom rub down transfers for the logo on the side earpiece of the headset.

Finished wood has an ideal surface for applying our dry transfers. We make dry transfers from any company logo, custom graphic or trademark label. Our transfers can be applied to any smooth finished wood surface: from custom models & replicas, wood sculptures & art, to personalized or monogrammed musical instruments.

Lawton Audio custom made wood headphones, walnut finish with dry transfer logo rubbed down onto side earpiece. We make custom rubdown transfers for finished wood, like headphones, guitars and violins.Making Transfers Permanent

Our dry transfers are semi-permanent, but with another coat of wood finish, our rubdown transfers become completely permanent and durable for years. Lawton audio made three versions of transfer sheets,  they ordered their logo in Gold 872, Silver 877 and we matched a Benjamin Moore paint swatch called Twilight Zone for the PMS of their darkest color.

Lawton Audio made these headphones in an cherry tone wood finish and applied our custom rubdown transfers on the ear piece sides of the headphones.

Because of the small size of their vector artwork, Lawton Audio were able to fit dozens of rubdowns on a given 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of dry transfers, making their finished product more affordable. Then, using a burnisher tool, they applied our dry rub down transfers onto the finished wood surface of their headphones. They then finished the wood with lacquer again to protect their rubdowns, making our dry transfers fully permanent.

About Our Client

Lawton Audio are makers of the world’s best headphones. Their custom headphones are elegant, hi-tech, hand-crafted works of art for both the ears and the eyes. With over 25 of the world’s most beautiful natural ToneWoods to choose from, Lawton Audio builds you the headphones of your dreams. Visit them at

Image Transfers are custom dry rub-on transfer specialists. We make only one thing: custom rub down transfers for graphic designers, artists and model-makers. A dry transfer (or rubdown) is an image printed on a translucent sheet. The image has a coating of adhesive on its back. The image is transferred from the translucent sheet onto another surface by applying light pressure in a rubbing motion. The dry transfer can be applied to any surface that is free of dust, grease or oil. Dry transfers are referred to as DRY because they are applied dry, without the use of water or solvents. A dry transfer is not a slip-off label or a water decal, instead the transferred image appears as if it was printed directly onto the item. Our dry transfers are opaque because we back the colors with white, so our rubdowns can be applied to a surface of any color without changing the color of the rub-on transfer. We consider dry transfers a semi-permanent application. Our production artists can match all Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors including Metallic. Standard transfers are semi-gloss but we also offer matte and uncoated finishes. We deliver within as little as 24 hours. -- Specialties: Custom Rub Down Dry Transfers, Art Gallery Signage & Museum Labels, Custom Transfers for Product Prototypes, Comps & Mockups, Dry Transfers for Scale Models.

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2 comments on “Custom Dry Transfers for Wood – As Permanent Rubdown Transfers
  1. Lyota Swainson says:


    I would like rub decal for my logo for make up brushes please.

    • Lyota, We can certainly create dry transfers you can apply to brush handles. Review our blog on applying to wood. You would need to spray them with clear lacquer or workable fixative after applied to make them more durable. We can even do foil transfers for you if that is the look you are trying to achieve. Call the studio or email at and we can advise you further.

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